David Javelosa









296 pgs. w/ CD-ROM

Published 1997, M&T Books/Henry Holt
Transfered to IDG Books, 1999
Audio Effects for Games and Interactive Software: A Computer Musician's Guide to Interactive Entertainment. The history and specification of the major computer and game player systems, Internet standards, MIDI, Digital Audio tools. How a creative team works, and how to handle production, design and scoring issues. Professional techniques for conversion, compression, processing, playability, randomization, and creativity. Soon to be updated and republished in second edition.
Interactivity Magazine
1994 - 1999
INTERACTIVE NOISE - Monthly column dealing with all aspects of producing, composing and creating sound and music for interactive media and entertainment. Subjects covered included composing for game platforms, the internet, random and generative music, various computer music formats and applications, current tools and evolving technologies.
Film Music Magazine
1997 - present
MULTIMEDIA - Regularly featured column covering composing and producing music for interactive media from the perspective of the film composer community. Articles highlight differences and similarities between composing for film and internet/video/computer gaming. Also looks at current trends in technology, technique and industry analysis.
Keyboard Magazine
Featured cover article on composing for the game industry, including tools and techniques. Featured review on Microsoft's Direct Music Producer. Also occasional product reviews.
Electronic Musician
Occasional product reviews and sidebar articles on use and application of commercially available music technology for interactive and alternative composing techniques.
Game Developer Magazine
Music column article on education in the gaming industry and how to launch a career in composing music for games. Also article in special game audio section reviewing Microsoft's Direct Music Producer.
Academy of Entertainment & Technology
Santa Monica College
2001 - present
Currently teaching classes in introductory and intermediate interactive software production and interface design. Also covering study in digital audio production and audio design for interactive media. Launching a certificate program in Game Development including disciplines in animation, story, audio, production management and game play for Fall of 2004.
UCLA Extension
Entertainment Studies
1995 - 1997
Developed and taught courses: Production for Video and Computer Games, Game Industry Analysis, and Producing Music for Interactive Games
San Francisco State Univeristy Extension
Multimedia Studies
1993 - 1996
Developed and taught courses and weekend seminars: Audio and Visual Production for Games and Producing Music for Interactive Games
Private Mentoring
Developed and taught custom training course for audio engineers at Studio Marco in Montreal, Quebec. Guest lectured on audio and composition at UCLA Extension and for the California Intitute of the Arts music school. Has also spoken at numerous trade conferences including the Computer Game Developer's Conference, Audio Engineering Society and at the Annenberg Center at USC. Availability for private instruction on request.