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David Javelosa

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week 04 - Photoshop - more tools: size, crop, paint, gradients

Scaling the size of images; and the size of workspace (canvas)

menu > image > image size
This is similar to the New Document dialogue box when starting from scratch.

menu > image > canvas size
When modifying the size with an established image, the older material can be "anchored" inside the new image space.
The "relative" feature is to adjust the dimensions based on current size.
The background color of the new canvas can also be selected at this point.

Sample picture for selection demo

Select Tool with pull-down variations
Lasso Tool with pull-down variations

The "crop" tool automates the selection process allowing for immediate transform of selected area into a file.
After drag/selecting area, the non-cropped section is masked. The crop is completed with the check mark in the tool bar.
This check mark is a common feature throughout PhotoShop.

More sample files to play with.
(right-click and save image as...)

Using the Transform Tools

The most used tool is the upper right hand MOVE tool. Once an area has been selected and the transform handles are selected in the tool bar, you can do a number of Transforms, either in Free Transform Mode; or specific transforms under Edit>Transform.

  • MOVE (or translate) - changing the position of a selected area
  • SCALE and ROTATE - changing the horizontal, verticle or both sizes, rotating the image
  • SKEW - Slanting an item in both directions
  • DISTORT - stretching an item in all direction
  • PERSPECTIVE - creating a one point perspective by stretching the lower two corners out

Applying Color

With Photoshop, colors are assigned to either the foreground or background. The foreground is for painting or filling. The background is used to cover the erased areas of an image; or as the second gradient color.

The Photoshop Color Window

The Photoshop Color Picker (for foregroung and background)

The PaintBucket Tool and The Gradient Tool

By holding down the Paint Bucket Tool (fill), you can access the Gradient Tool. This creates an instruction to blend from one pre-set color to another within a particular selection. Once the Gradient Tool is selected, the foreground and background colors become the start and finish colors of the gradient. This can then be applied to a object or selection. The Gradient Panel can select different directional patterns for the gradual change to go into. Gradients may then be saved as presets in the Gradient Editor.

Reading Assignment:

  • Photoshop - Online help files & video tutorials

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