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David Javelosa

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week 03 - Photoshop: basics, interface, tools, layers

The "new document" window in Photoshop for assigning the properties of the picture file.

The Photoshop workspace showing the Tool Bar, the Document window, and the pallet featuring the Layers manager.

Bit Map or "Rastor" tools

  • Paint Brush tool - for creating large gestures
  • Select tool - for segments of the picture to be modified
  • Move tool - for moving and transforming selections
  • Lasso tool - for selecting non-rectangular shapes (hold down for options)
  • Magic Wand - for selecting segments by color difference (green screen)
  • Crop tool - for eliminating all but the selection
  • Erase tool - erases image only on the layer selected
  • Gradient/Paint bucket tool - for filling or creating a range of colors between two particular values
  • Text tool - for creating text (editable) into the document (fonts and size apply)

Vector or "Drawing Object" tools

  • Text tool - for creating text (editable) into the document (fonts and size apply)
  • Rectangle or Shape tool - for creating vector objects (outlined)
  • Pen tool - for creating vector objects based on gestural lines

Other tools

  • Eyedropper - extracts the exact color from a particular area in a picture (for matching)
  • Zoom tool - for close-up detail or complete overview
  • Color selector - for foreground and background colors

Working with Layers

Layer management window

Reading Assignment:

  • Photoshop - Online help files & video tutorials

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