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David Javelosa

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week 11 - Synthesizer Basics, MIDI pt.2 & audio production for animation

MIDI pt.2

Principles of Music Synthesis

The "ADSR" or note event envelope

Typical Components of a MIDI Sequencer Program

A MIDI Event as Binary Information

MIDI Events in a Sequencer's List View

Dynamic Allocation of Synthesizer Voices

How a Synthesizer Filters MIDI Data

The General MIDI Instrument Specification

The General MIDI Drum Specification on Channel 10

audio production for animation

AKA: Animated, Animator
The process of creating the illusion of motion by creating individual frames, as opposed to filming naturally-occuring action at a regular frame rate. See also computer generated animation, claymation, time lapse. Contrast with motion capture, rotoscoping.

All of the audio components in full motion picture are even more critical when supporting animation:

  • Dialogue Production
  • Sound Effects
  • Musical Score

Animation Examples:

  • Traditional 2D Animation - Bugs Bunny
  • Computer Graphic 3D Animation - Wall-E.
  • Claymation - Chicken Run
  • Foriegn Language Anime - Transformers
  • Puppet Production - Thunderbirds


Copyright © 2003-2014 David Javelosa