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David Javelosa

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week 05 - compositing sound and layerings

report due

listening for layers

What did we hear?

  • refrigerator noise
  • AC hum
  • traffic
  • camera noise
  • generator noise

Natural Ambiance: Reverberation and wind

  • Once it is recorded, it is impossible to eliminate!
  • There is less reverb away from walls, record in the middle of a room.
  • Keep the mic closest to the source (i.e. mouth).
  • To eliminate both wind and breath sounds, use a windscreen (foam sleeve) on the mic.
  • In a given situation, keep recording levels as consistent as possible.

Common Production Shortcuts In Pro Tools

Mode Buttons
Shuffle mode: F1 or cycle "~" key
Spot mode: F2 or cycle "~" key
Slip mode: F3 or cycle "~" key
Grid mode: F4 or cycle "~" key

Zooming in and out horizontally by holding the Command key and using left "[" and right "]" brackets.
Zooming in and out vertically by holding the Command and Option keys; then using left "[" and right "]" brackets.
Also Zoom presets now work in LE.
Zoom all the way out: Option A

New Track Command
Shift + Cmnd N

End: Option + Return
Play/stop: Spacebar
Half-speed playback: Shift Spacebar
Rewind: numerpad 1
Fast Forward: numberpad 2
RECORD: numberpad 3

Importing (ripping) Audio from CD

Movie>Import Audio from other Movie
Select Track; OK
Navigate to audio folder
Saves to session format and Audio Regions list

compositing sound and creating layers in Pro Tools


Compositing an ambience with multiple elements; foreground (VO), middleground, background

Compositing a sound effect from multiple elements: initial sound, envelope elements, ambient elements

Compositing a musical cue from tracks for: melody, ambience, action

Creating a musical cue and spotting to video

Reading Assignment

Read: Pro Tools 6 for Macintosh & Windows OR Complete Pro Tools Handbook

  • Editing Basics
  • Working with Regions
  • Advanced Editing

Copyright © 2003-2014 David Javelosa