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week 05 - custom objects

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Workings with "windowed" views of a larger game level -


Under the View tab, a smaller window can be configured to scroll over the larger size of the room. The dimensions of Width and Height can be set, as well as the object to be followed, object border restrictions, and border spacing.



Changing the Sprite

To create more interactivity, you can use the action which changes the sprite of an object on mouse enter. For example, if you had a character in the room, you could have that character change it's expression when you rollover the character sprite. To do this:

  1. Create 2 new Sprites and load 2 face graphics, one for each
  2. Create a new Object with the first sprite (setting the visability to on)
  3. Use the "mouse enter" event with the "change sprite" action; and reverse with "mouse leave"
  4. Add the "left button" mouse event with a "play sound" action
  5. Variation 1: have the mouse button make another sprite appear
  6. Variation 2: have the mouse button make another sprite change
  7. Variation 3: have the mouse button set the score relative 1

Making scenes interactive

Interactivity by changing locations in a room; or from one room to another

Navigating by scrolling around a large room from a window.

Multiple events and actions

You can use the object properties to create your own custom behaviours and actions.

Creating Transparent Hotspots

1. Create a large enough new sprite.
2. Turn off transparancy
3. Create an object that uses new sprite
4. Set visiability to OFF

Assignment: REVIEW Chapter 5 - Game Maker's Apprentice - Prototyping Formal Assets vs. Placeholders

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