David Javelosa
Client List
SEGA of America
As Audio Manager and Senior Music Designer from 1992 thru 1994, and on contract as a consultant from 1990 thru 1996, covered all aspects of music and audio production, supervision, creative support, and technology R&D for platforms ranging from the Sega Genesis, Game Gear, Saturn, Sega Network and Sega Dreamcast. Provided liason with Sega Japan and Sega Europe. Also responsible for a number of in-house and externally developed title soundtracks.
In 1996, contracted for the launch of Microsoft Network's Spoken World series as Audio Director, Music Supervisor, sound designer and composer. Worked closely with the internal Direct Music team in implementing sound and music for Dreamsheet, a multi-track, multiple episode, on-line series. Voice production recorded in Burbank and included Laura San Giocomo, Flea, Steven Weber and Mary Warnov as talent. Post completed at the studios at Microsoft's Redmond West campus.

YAMAHA Corporation of America

From 1999 thru 2001 held the title of Technology Evangelist and Game Industry Relations for the Multimedia Business Research & Development group at YCA. Expanded Yamaha's dominance in game audio hardware to game audio software with the support of the SYXG software synthesizer for Microsoft's DirectMusic engine; and introduced the XG SoftEffects technology for the Sony Playstation 2. Communicated with all levels of industry development from developer site visits, to major developer conferences including Sony, Sega, DirectX, GDC, E3, Project BBQ and ECTS. Provided creative and technical liason with Yamaha Japan and Yamaha UK.
Associated Production Music
As a consulting game industry specialist, covered market research and industry relations for APM at GDC, E3 and Project BBQ from 2002 to present, increasing industry and market awareness for use of APM's extensive licensed music library specifically for the game industry and related promotional productions. Assisted in creating promotional materials, product packaging, and industry profile for APM.
Outsource Media
Currently functioning as OMUK's studio liason for game voice and audio production in the U.S. Also, as a consulting game industry specialist, to provide assistance in marketing R&D and creating industry profile for OMUK.